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Automated Restaurant Marketing System

We built an Automated Marketing System for restaurants - A.R.M.S.
Who couldn't use more ARMS to grow your business? A.R.M.S runs automaticly to grow your business, bringing you new customers, who come back frequently, spend more money and write glowing 5 star REAL reviews!
It's the extra ARMS you have always wanted for your business.

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Here’s How We Do It! Get More Customers

We help you build a list of customers who love you!

It’s easy to grow your database by making them a Simple offer in exchange for their contact info. You offer something of value, in exchange, they voluntarily give you their name, phone number and birth date!

You will quickly add customers who go to your Website, Facebook or Instagram page or visit your Restaurant or order take out to your Subscriber list.

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We Keep Them Coming Back With Timely & Targeted Text Messages!

The most effective & timely marketing method ever developed! Now with a push of a button, drive customers back to your restaurant!

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More Effective Than Email!

  • Get your message read when YOU want them to read it!
  • Personalized and unique to each person!
  • They will think you are personally texting them!
  • Why Text Messaging?

    Text Messaging is built in to EVERY phone! No APP ever to download or install!

    It is the ONLY marketing medium that allows you to communicate with your customer exactly when you want your message heard.

    No hoping they are “logged” into Facebook or have decided to now check their email, turn on the radio or TV with hopes of hearing your message.

    You’ll have your message heard when you want it to be heard, and it is PERSONAL!

    Friends text friends!

    4.3 Billion
    Active Users

    Open Rates

    Read within 3 Minutes

    4 – 10x click through rates
    compared to email!

    Create Offers Specific To The Customer That You Can Validate & Track!

    Digital Offers by Text Message offer enhanced metric tracking. Personalize your offer, unique to the individual with targeted offers vary in length of use, quantity of use and a simple point & click validation process.

    Unique to the individual

    Control length of offer

    Control Number of uses!

    Click to validate and redeem!

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    Common questions

    Will This Work For My Restaurant, we’re different!

    Every restaurant or bar is different, but customers are creatures of habit! The personalized relationship you will build with your customers using this system is guaranteed to work. But if for some reason it doesn’t, you have 30 days free at our expense to find out. After that you can stop at any time since there are no contracts!

    I wouldn’t want to get text messages, why do you think my customers want to?

    Those customers that don’t want to get promotions, offers and announcements from you do not need to subscribe. Those that want to hear from you will join. If at any time they no longer want to hear from you they can easily opt out!

    Is this complicated, I don’t have a lot of time to do this and I’m not tech savy.

    Ever send a text? How long did it take you to write it? A minute or two at most?

    If you can log on to the internet, you can use our website to schedule and manage your campaigns. There is no software to install. Everything is web based.

    If that’s too hard, we even have our team of people that can do it for you.

    How often should I connect with my customers?

    Our clients who have the most success are sending 2-4 messages per week.

    Remember, it’s not what you or I think is the correct amount of messages. It is what your customers who spend money with you think. They vote with their wallets! With our detailed tracking you'll figure out what’s best for you very quickly.

    We don’t believe in discounting and coupons, how will this help me?

    Our goal is to help you make more money! We refer to offers as promotions instead of discounts. Do you ever offer daily specials, happy hours, special meals of the day, or events like trivia night, live music, or offer free delivery? These are all examples of promotions that you can let your customers know about. We have yet to have a restaurant or bar that doesn’t have something that they want to promote!

    Who comes up with the promotions?

    As the owner/ manager you decide what is best. But if you want to know whats working for other restaurants in other areas you can read about it in our “What’s Working Now” members access area.